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In October 1994 Alexis Weissenberg held his second Master-Class in the Monastery of Engelberg, Switzerland. He worked intensively with a small group of young Pianists, who had been selected internationally from a large number of potential participants. In the final concert 5 pianists were offered the chance to demonstrate their talents and the result of 10 days of intense work and rehearsals with Maestro Weissenberg.

I was eager to capture this musical event in the prestigious Festival Hall of the Monastery not only by digital sound recording (DAT), but at the same time in a video documentation using 3 cameras simultaneously, operating the main camera directly and the two others by remote control. Some of the microphones you notice in the video were used by the Swiss National Radio DRS2 for broadcasting.

The video was originally recorded in Hi-8 format (at that time DV was not yet available to me) and converted to DV format for post-production in 2007 to produce a DVD-Video.

click or drag-and-drop to playlistPaolo de Assis plays Debussy: La cathédrale engloutie

click or drag-and-drop to playlistMehmet Okonsar plays Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodie No. 3

click or drag-and-drop to playlistLev Vinocour plays Tchaikovsky: Petite Valse

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